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Donna Marbury
Seven wearable devices health execs should watch
Some of the newest wearable devices on the market look very different than the wristbands that launched the industry just a few years ago.
Are EHRs delivering on expectations?
Are EHRs delivering on expectations?
Concerns among stakeholders may call for EHR system revamping
Four cybersecurity mistakes health plans make
To help ensure you are doing all you can to prevent a security breach, we asked the experts to weigh in. Here they identify four of the biggest mistakes health plans are making.
Creativity key to more robust social media
Creativity key to more robust social media
Make your messaging stand out
E-prescribing update for health execs: Where are we now?
Barriers persist though adoption continues to grow
Partnering on COPD for savings, outcomes
A leading pharmaceutical company is partnering with payers to help lower COPD complications.
ED use increases among newly insured
Rather than reducing unnecessary, preventable emergency department visits, some healthcare experts say the Affordable Care Act has actually caused them to increase.
Apple revs up clinical research
Research has been given a shot in the arm by Apple Corp, which recently expanded the use of ResearchKit to include clinical trials.
Mobile health goes mainstream
Health plans and providers are working with tech companies to make sure that the digital experience is as smooth and engaging as online shopping.
A health plan tackles opioid addiction
A health plan tackles opioid addiction
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts has taken big steps to curb the growing opioid addiction problem.