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Donna Marbury
How to get physician buy-in on new payment models
Alhough interest in value-based compensation for physicians continues to rise, trying to implement new payment systems is complex. Here's how to do it.
Three ways technology is improving pharmacy
Technology advances in pharmacy include innovations that improve medication safety, efficiency, and patient compliance.
Three ways to build a better population health team
Here are three things to consider when developing a population health management team at your organization.
Missing this data can hurt your population health strategies
Key socioeconomic data that will help you care for your most vulnerable populations.
Use population health to fight substance abuse: Tips for MCOs
Find out how the American College of Physicians says population health data can decrease opioid addiction and abuse.
Physician shortages may affect population health strategies
By 2025, the United States could be facing a shortage ranging from 34,600 to 88,000 physicians in total. Find out how this could affect population health initiatives.
Keep up with patient demands: Tips for MCOs
Patients are demanding more from payers and providers. Here’s how technology can help.
Pop health project finds new ties between health, finances, location
Population health data strategies are finding connections between better health and better quality of living.
Hospital pop health program increases cancer screenings, patient engagement
A hospital system is adapting population health data to create a blueprint for a cost savings patient care program.
Three ways smarter technology is improving diabetes care
Could new technology solve America’s diabetes crisis? Find out.