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Donna Marbury
PCMHs thrive with use of pop health technology
By using a patient-centered, physician-led model of care, Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) of Michigan lowers recidivism and healthcare costs.
Pop health dashboard gives U.S. cities access to key data
An initiative that aims to expand the use of population health strategies has received funding to be used in 500 U.S. cities.
Population health expert highlights medicine’s 'third pillar'
Professor in the School for the Science of Health Care Delivery Natalia Wilson, MD, MPH, discusses teaching population health to the next-generation of physicians, and how it will transform care.
Views split on population health benefits
Views on the importance of population health differ depending on how you interact with patients, says the NEJM Care Redesign survey.
Four critical tech tools plans and providers should offer consumers
Having technology tools for member engagement is no longer a novelty. Members now expect and prefer digital communications, and it is critical for MCOs to stay on top of technology trends to compete in the market.
How technology makes an impact on behavioral health
Services for the Underserved uses healthcare technology tools to reduce costs, increase quality.
How to make diabetes control easier for patients
A real-world study of type 2 diabetes patients by Milliman has surprising findings on glycemic control and diabetes medication adherence.
Longer-term bundled payments prove beneficial
A new study finds that expanding the way bundled payments are utilized could make a positive impact for patients and on costs.
How population, community health goals overlap
A new study found that distinguishing between population health and community health strategies can help health organizations define clear goals and earmark the right resources to accomplish them.
How to prepare for population health
Here’s how to overcome the hurdles that hinder your population health strategies.