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Mark Fuerst
Sofosbuvir reduces transplant rate in HCV patients
Sofosbuvir-based therapy successfully treats HCV patients with decompensated liver disease, according to a new study.
Direct-acting antivirals prevent liver cancer recurrence
New research finds direct-acting antivirals can be given safely to those on liver transplant waitlist.
DAAs dramatically increase HCV cure rates among veterans
The introduction of direct-acting antiviral agents has transformed hepatitis C care among veterans.
Multiple DAAs provide quality care for HCV patients
Multiple oral direct-acting antiviral agents show great promise in treating the vast majority of hepatitis C patients.
Researchers unveil optimal timing of HCV therapy in transplantation
A new study by Yale researchers reveals the optimal timing for hepatitis C virus therapy in patients eligible for a liver transplant.
Oral DAA combination found effective in HCV patients
Direct-acting antiviral combination “represents an excellent treatment option” in some cases, says study’s senior author.
U.S. Supersized
With one in four children at risk for becoming overweight and one in 10 children already overweight, childhood obesity is an epidemic fast becoming a national health problem.
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