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Craig M. Wax, DO
The author is a family physician in Mullica Hill, NJ.
Why do hospitals compete with us?
Do you work hard maintaining your hospital privileges? One Medical Economics board member argues that it isn't worth it.
Wax: Decision is dark chapter in American history
Medical Economics editorial board member Craig M. Wax, DO, shares his opinion about the Supreme Court Affordable Care Act ruling.
Free market: The answer to healthcare system woes
Capitalism offers the most simple solution to the issues challenging our entire healthcare system. Such a system would allow physicians, hospitals, and anyone else to compete for patient business.
Viewpoint: Free market, posted prices can prevent healthcare sticker shock
The costs of healthcare keep increasing and patients get a surprise when the bill arrives. See what your practice can do to better inform patients of prices.
Healthcare crushed by acronyms
Independent healthcare has some daunting foes: insurance industry and government-created acronyms. Acronyms represent the best and worst of healthcare today, and now is the time to make sure they don't get out of control.
The illusion of multitasking
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder? Well, wonder no more. We have arrived at our own technologic ADHD.
Data equal power; Patients and their physicians should own them
The theoretical goal of electronic health record systems is to integrate all providers, patients and payers for the betterment of patient care. This is a tale of four of those EHRs.
Doctors help foil government's 'mystery shopper' plan
According to a New York Times article, individuals, arranged by the federal government, were to pose as new patients, calling physicians' practices up to three times to ask for expedited appointments.
Don't slam the door on drug reps
Years ago, pharmaceutical companies used to market directly to prescribing doctors, not on TV directly to patients, nor to insurance companies. Pharmaceutical sales representatives came to each doctor's office to discuss their products.