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Wayne J. Guglielmo
For 12 years, Wayne has written on health policy and related issues for Medical Economics. He also writes the magazine's "Perspective column," an analysis of developing healthcare trends. He's been a frequent contributor to Newsweek, where he helped write "Focus on Your Health." In 2001, his Medical Economics article on treating pain won a Silver Award from the American Society of Healthcare Publication Editors. In 2004, he won a Jesse H. Neal Editorial Achievement Award for the best how-to article from the American Business Press. In 2006, his "Behind the med-mal crisis" was a finalist in the Neal competition; that same year, it won a Gold Award for Best Special Report or Section from ASHPE. In 2007, he was part of the team that won a Neal award for best how-to series: "Adding Ancillaries." Also in 2007, he won a Silver Award from ASHPE for Best Feature Article: "Doctors: The new target in the war on drugs?"
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The anemic internecine squabbles that dominated so much of the primaries have given way to a full-blown healthcare policy debate.
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A growing number of doctors are dedicated to keeping the small practice model alive. In using innovative strategies to keep solo or small group practices successful, they're stubbornly bucking a trend that's become familiar in recent years.
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Clutter can impair office efficiency and even hamper revenue collection. Here's how to cure the too-much-paper bottleneck.
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The issue of prescription drug abuse and its effect on prescribing physicians is once again front and center.
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Make sure you comply with antidiscrimination laws to avert legal problems.