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Tracey Walker
FDA challenges abuse-deterrent opioid drug claim
The FDA pushes back on new painkiller’s abuse-deterrent claims. Here’s why this is important to the opioid epidemic.
Do antidepressants take more lives than they save?
An eye-opening Canadian study has surprising findings about the risk of death and antidepressants.
Payments to specialists could yo-yo under MIPS
Avalere conducted an analysis to assess the effect of MIPS. Here are the surprising results.
Two opioid use disorder drug developments to watch
New physician-administered therapies on the horizon may help rein in the opioid epidemic.
Food stamp program participation could impact health costs
A new study reveals how participation in the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program could impact healthcare costs for low-income individuals.
ACA repeal failure: 5 action items for healthcare execs
Now that the Graham-Cassidy bill has failed, here’s what healthcare executives should do to plan for 2018.
Are ACA repeal efforts over? Experts weigh in
In the wake of the failure of the Graham-Cassidy bill, experts share what’s ahead for health policy.
Beta blockers not needed for heart attack survivors taking these drugs
A new study has shocking results about beta blocker use in heart-attack survivors.
Five ways health plans can encourage telemedicine use
A new HealthMine survey sheds light on how payers can better connect Medicare members to their health plan.
Five key findings from health executive value-based care survey
A survey from HealthScape Advisors and the Health Plan Alliance has revealing findings about value-based payment models.