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Tracey Walker
Guided therapy can improve antibiotic resistance
Researchers share surprising findings about PCT-guided therapy in antibiotic management in patients with respiratory infections.
Five questions for CVS Health’s Troyen A. Brennan, MD, MPH
CVS Health’s Troyen A. Brennan, MD, MPH, brings attention to a unique specialty pharmacy model and value-based contracting.
Survey reveals how patients believe providers can drive better outcomes
A study from West reveals interesting findings about patient engagement, prevention, wellness, and quality of care.
Genetic testing: 3 things managed healthcare executives should know
A new survey on genetic testing has surprisingly results on consumer acceptance and impact for healthcare executives.
Top 5 consumer health concerns
A new survey from consumer health companies has revealing findings about American health and well-being.
Here’s a more effective way to test for HPV
A Kaiser Permanente study found that a new way to test for HPV has the potential to increase efficiency and decrease waste.
CMS plan to slash 340B payments under fire by hospitals
Here are four ways CMS’ final rule related to the 340B Drug Pricing Program could affect the healthcare industry.
Ten ways multiple myeloma treatment is changing
As multiple myeloma treatment improvements continue, it’s important for managed care executives to get out in front of these 10 changes on the horizon.
Don’t let your tools to curb the opioid epidemic go to waste
New public opinion survey about opioid use from Prime Therapeutics has surprising results.
Biosimilars can save billions of healthcare dollars
Analysis from RAND helps frame the potential of biosimilars to reduce spending on biologics.