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Tracey Walker
Why dialing back diabetes treatment is a good idea
A new study has unbelievable findings about treating Medicare patients with diabetes.
Five ways healthcare executives can better support physicians
A survey explores how physicians perceive their role in the healthcare system, and the findings aren’t good.
Consumers’ top 4 concerns about their physicians
A Physicians Foundation survey gives healthcare executives behind the scenes insight into the physician-patient relationship.
Game-changing gene therapies present cost problems for health execs
CAR-T therapies have high price tags so it’s important to understand your patient population and budget impact.
Four ways health execs can prep for costly CAR-T cell therapies
With the high efficacy and dire diagnosis, there will be demand for both Kymriah and Yescarta. Here’s how to manage the monetary impact.
Study: Formularies may be key to alleviating opioid epidemic
New Yale University research offers stunning findings about drug formulary coverage and prescribing opioids.
Medicare Advantage vs. specialized Medicare Advantage plans: Outcome effects
Avalere Health analysis has intriguing results about beneficiaries enrolled in diabetes-focused chronic condition special needs plans.
Many hospitals not sharing e-patient data
Why researchers say the industry is “a long way off” from robust electronic patient data sharing.
Trump’s steps to undo the ACA: Top takeaways from healthcare insiders
Trump takes two steps to dissolve the ACA. Find out what the experts think about these two important actions.
Five ways Trump’s efforts to strip the ACA will affect healthcare
Here’s a quick guide to the meaning behind Trump’s executive order and decision to stop cost-sharing reduction payments.