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Tracey Walker
Three ways to make healthcare consumers happier
A new survey has eye-opening findings about the status quo one-size-fits-all health plan.
Unique clinic-pharmacy collaboration benefits hepatitis C patients
A Walgreens study sheds light on the benefits of patient-centered pharmacy-based programs.
How one project will change the way value is measured in healthcare
The Innovation and Value Initiative's Mark Linthicum talks to Managed Healthcare Executive (MHE) a new tool to better measure value in healthcare treatments.
New patient-centered tool could help measure value in healthcare
The Innovation and Value Initiative launched the Open-Source Value Project, creating tools that help payers, providers, and healthcare systems make informed and patient-centered decisions that produce better health outcomes.
How low-income kids benefit when parents have healthcare
A new study reveals an important spillover effect of parental Medicaid coverage.
Interoperability a must for hospitals, but it comes with risks
One expert says the interoperability of medical devices, especially of IoT medical devices, creates soft spots in an organization’s security framework.
Top data analytics challenges facing healthcare organizations
A sneak peek at the findings from our 2018 Technology Survey reveal where healthcare organizations are struggling most when it comes to interoperability and Big Data.
NIH to collect Fitbit data for research project
Fitbit devices will be used for an NIH research program to explore the influence of behavioral, biological, and environmental influences on health.
Five ways Trump’s tax reform will impact healthcare
If signed into law, Trump’s tax reform will have substantive impacts on healthcare organizations and on individuals.
Changes to federal, state interoperability legislation: What to know
The regulatory landscape for interoperability is changing, according to Mildred Segura, partner at international law firm Reed Smith.