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Berkeley Rice
The author is a former senior editor of Medical Economics.
When the plaintiff is a doctor
If a colleague comes to see you, do you face a tougher standard when checking symptoms and giving treatment?
Losing the fight against frivolous claims
A state Supreme Court rules against forcing malpractice plaintiffs to get an expert opinion before filing suit.
Malpractice: Are you making your case worse?
Why some doctors lose malpractice cases they should have won, and how to avoid those mistakes.
Compliance: How to get patients on board
Under new P4P requirements, your bottom line will suffer if they don't follow your advice.
Time to add a second shift?
Doctors are expanding office hours to meet growing competition, improve patient access, and cope with limited space.
Trashed on the Web? Now what?
Anonymous patients are free to critique their doctors on Internet sites. But is it fair comment or unregulated doctor-bashing?
Competition—just a phone call away
TelaDoc offers subscribers 24/7 access to its on-call physicians. It may be good business. But is it good medicine?
Economic credentialing: When hospitals play hardball
This doctor's hospital threatened to terminate her privileges because of her husband's interest in a competing hospital.
"Lost chance of survival": The new malpractice risk
This growing legal threat is a chilling development for primary care physicians.