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Jeff Bendix
The ins and outs of partnership agreements
The particulars of partnership agreements often vary depending on the circumstances and culture of a practice, in almost all cases they cover four subjects: practice buy-ins, division of net income, governance issues, and buy-outs. The three elements, which a person is essentially buying, are a practice's tangible assets, accounts receivable, and goodwill.
How to hire top talent
The leaders of two professional ophthalmology organizations discuss ways to hire top talent and retain them. Included in their tips are over-looked sources for potential employees such as national chains, the importance of job descriptions and what to include in them, and training.
Ophthalmic practice marketing 101
In order to succeed in private practice, physicians have to think and act as business owners, which means learning to market themselves and their services. The first step in successful marketing is to create a set of "SMART" goals. A logo is an important part of developing a practice or corporate brand. Another action step for physicians is advertising through print, radio, and television.
Choose your program: QA versus compliance
The need for quality assurance and compliance programs has grown in recent years because of legislation, such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. Both QA and compliance programs can be good for a patient's bottom line.