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Keith Borglum, CHBC
The author is a practice management consultant, appraiser, and broker in Santa Rosa, CA.
Career decisions: Should you start, buy or join a practice?
There are many ways to have a medical career. Choosing whether to take employment, buy a practice, or start from scratch involves assessing your personal and professional values, and the specific location you are targeting. The bottom line: Choose what will make you personally and professionally happy.
6 ways to evaluate a physician employment offer
As an independent physician mulling employment, how can you tell if an offer you receive is too good to turn down?
Why any practice can benefit from better marketing
There are many reasons—and many ways—to spread the word about your practice
Grow the value of your practice by hiring midlevels, adding ancillary services
A large number of physicians are facing retirement soon, yet few have a plan in place to transition out. Before selling your practice, take these steps to maximize its value.
Finding a buyer for your medical practice: Tips to close the deal
Even though healthcare is now the world’s largest industry, finding a buyer for a medical practice can be very difficult now for many physicians. These tips can help you find the right buyer.
Five ways to optimize your patient schedule for efficiency
Patient scheduling is one of the most important operational systems in your practice for the delivery of care; for physician, patient, and staff satisfaction; and for practice profitability. Often it does not receive the attention it needs, to the detriment of the practice. Here are five tips to improve your scheduling process.
Tips for setting salaries and dealing with raise requests at your practice
Staff salaries are among a practice’s largest expenses. These tips will help practice managers fine-tune their pay scales and build merit into their compensation plans.
Tips for training patients to comply with office protocols
Do you have patients who are not compliant with your office protocols? Do they skip appointments, forget their paperwork, call the office for routine prescription refills, or pay their bills late? If you have these kinds of patients, it’s time to train them about your office protocols.
Primary care practices see significant financial benefit of non-traditional hours
As primary care practices seek to increase availability to their patients, experts say non-traditional hours can significantly benefit practices financially. Here's how.
Managing staff performance with reviews and raises
No matter if you are a good manager of your staff or not, at some point you will (or should) have to review their performance and consider raises