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George G. Ellis Jr., MD, FACP
The road to hell is paved with good intentions
When the HITECH Act was passed and implemented throughout the healthcare industry, the architects of the law had good intentions.
How one doctor battles opioid abuse in his practice
How one doctor battles opioid abuse in his practice
Finger-pointing won’t do anything to solve the problem
Lessons learned from reviewing malpractice cases
Document, document and document some more.
I followed all the rules and I still got hacked
Last fall, on a typical busy Monday morning, with add-ons, walk-ins, and a packed schedule, I started to notice my computer network was sluggish and I was getting kicked off of my EHR several times throughout the day. We verified that there was no issue with our internet service provider, so I assumed that the sluggish network was a function of a busy Monday morning.
ABIM: Time to heal thyself
In this Last Word, George G. Ellis Jr., MD, FACP expresses his dissatisfaction with the current behavior of ABIM and its certification problems, as well as offering advice to ABIM.
The EHR switch: Why it may be the best change your practice ever makes
Changing electronic health record vendors can be a costly process that drains productivity, but it still may be the right thing to do.
Patient portals help improve communication
An electronic health record (EHR) system won't just help you keep accurate, neat patients records. If your practice's Web site has a patient portal, an EHR also will allow your patients to have access to their information.
7 steps to improve productivity and efficiency
Your time is in short supply and high demand. One way to manage: A smooth and flawless workflow. Here's one physician's successful process.