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Ken Terry
How to make mobile apps useful for physicians
While consumer apps have evolved quickly, apps for physicians have lagged behind, in both quality and utility
The uncertain future of Meaningful Use
Just when physicians thought Meaningful Use would never end, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) announced in January that the current program would go away this year. But it’s already clear that while Meaningful Use will change, it’s far from dead.
Patient records: The struggle for ownership
Patient records: The struggle for ownership
Patient medical records are undergoing a seismic shift. But this shift is happening quickly, in many ways too quickly for either physicians or the laws and regulations pertaining to medical records to keep up.
Small practices lead the way on EHRs
The results of a 2015 Medical Economics survey on health information technology shows the surprising result that smaller, independent practices are not at a disadvantage in IT. They may actually be leading the way.
Disconnected: How stalled interoperability hurts patient care
Disconnected: How stalled interoperability hurts patient care
Interoperability may be a noble goal, but health care providers are still a long way from reaching it.
Disconnected, part 2: New interoperability approaches offer promise and challenges
Although the interoperability of electronic health records (EHRs) currently is very limited, several moves are afoot to improve it.
Remote patient monitoring: Fulfilling its promise
Remote patient monitoring offers the promise of improving patient outcomes. But experts say the technology will not become truly useful until the healthcare industry figures out how to reimburse physicians appropriately, and develops best practices for using remote monitoring to treat patients with chronic conditions.
HIPAA breach: Secure data and prevent fines now
HIPAA breach: Secure data and prevent fines now
Many private practices lack written policies and procedures for data security and haven’t done a security risk assessment. Here's how to secure your practice.
Physicians and telehealth: Is it time to embrace virtual visits?
As major healthcare systems begin to offer patients virtual visits, they’re going to affect physicians, both employed and independent. So it’s time to sit up and take notice of what’s happening in the marketplace. Here’s what to expect and how telehealth may change your practice.
Prescribing mobile apps: What to consider
Mobile health (mHealth) is a confusing landscape, to be sure. IMS Health, which rates mHealth apps and provides a formal mechanism for app prescribing, estimates there are 63,000 health apps in the Apple and Google stores. The number and variety make it difficult for physicians to find and recommend the good ones. As a result, prescribing mHealth apps is new to most physicians.