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Ken Terry
MACRA cuts back health IT criteria for physicians
MACRA cuts back health IT criteria for physicians
Medicare reimbursement reform efforts bring pros and cons for healthcare technology use
Is electronic prescribing a potential solution to the opioid crisis?
Only two states mandate e-prescribing controlled substances, but most physicians can use it now
Why behavioral health is the new frontier in primary care
Why behavioral health is the new frontier in primary care
Adjusting to value-based models, practices seek ways of integrating mental health providers
Will your system be ready for EHRs and Medicare reform?
Federal reimbursement changes are coming, so physicians need to ensure that data collection tools are up to the task.
Why social media story sharing is vital for physicians today
Ignoring social media is no longer possible if your practice wants to reach patients where they are.
How to harness the power of patient-generated data
Practices have been collecting this data for decades—and now is the time to start using it.
Texting with patients poses challenges and opportunities
Physicians may have an opportunity to engage with patients via text messaging as smartphones become ubiquitous.
How to make population health work
Experts explore the operational requirements, from care coordination to patient engagement.
How to find the right tech tools for population management
Electronic health record systems were not designed for population health, but help is on the way.
The population health challenge
The population health challenge
Fee-for-service medicine is on the way out. That may be hard to believe if most of your income still comes from such payments, which reward physicians for the volume of services they provide. But it’s clear that payers are increasingly emphasizing reimbursement methods that reward value, rather than volume—and that that transition is accelerating.