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Tracey Walker
Here's what docs don't know about diabetes patients
Surveys conducted by the AACE with support from Sanofi US, identified differences in perceptions among adults living with type 2 diabetes. What healthcare professionals don't know may surprise you.
Healthcare access remains problematic
A new “secret shopper” study shows that problems exist for patients with acute conditions accessing services for patients. Effectively addressing issues of network adequacy may require more accurate provider information.
Obama cites top ACA successes
President Obama recently reviewed the ACA. Find out what he said are the top successes, and how policy insiders are reacting.
Employers confident about exchanges despite rocky start
A new survey from Willis Towers Watson has interesting findings related to how employers view exchange viability
Moderate health spending growth expected
Over the next decade, health spending is expected to grow at an average rate of 5.8% per year.
Risky antibiotic use threatens patients
A new study suggests that patients are willing to use antibiotics without contacting a doctor. Here’s how execs can curb this and avoid antibiotic resistance.
Healthcare affordability remains an issue despite ACA
A new KFF issue brief finds that healthcare coverage problematic for some, even as coverage is gained through the ACA.
HHS tackles opioid epidemic
HHS is taking formal steps to address opioid addiction, a widely recognized national public health crisis. Find out the policy changes.
Accelerate value-based care with these tools
A new Quest Diagnostics and Inovalon study cites barriers to value-based care, but offers advice on how to overcome them.
Increased utilization driving pharmacy spend in exchange plans
Express Scripts Exchange Pulse report found that utilization, particularly for traditional meds, was one of the biggest factors driving spending in 2015, accounting for more than half of the exchange plans $99 PMPY increase in spending between 2014 and 2015.