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Tracey Walker
Risky antibiotic use threatens patients
Patients are willing to use antibiotics without contacting a medical professional, according to a study published in Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy.
Walgreens-Prime alliance: A new breed pharmacy strategy?
This model, touted as “next-generation,” combines retail and specialty and mail services and PBM along with immediate care clinics.
Thirteen healthcare apps to watch
Managed Healthcare Executive asked industry experts to share their favorite mobile apps for healthcare. Here’s 13 of their top picks.
My biggest career mistake: 5 healthcare executives weigh in
My biggest career mistake: 5 healthcare executives weigh in
Learning how to appreciate the value of experiences is key for these execs, who share their biggest career mistake was and how they learned from it.
Remicade will now have a biosimilar
Expert: Expectations are high that biosimilars can control overall biologic cost growth.
Insurer shut down causes stir
Here’s what to expect from Blue Shield of California’s four-day closure over Obamacare losses.
CMS bundled payments expand to cardiac care
CMS expands bundle payment programs by adding cardiac care. Here’s how you can contribute to providers’ success.
Re-evaluate coverage policies for breast cancer
New NCCN guidelines include new technology as an option for patients’ annual screening.
Five things that keep health execs up at night
What has you counting sheep at night? Answers from your peers may surprise you.
Biosimilar drugs appear comparable to brand-name counterparts
Systematic review provides comprehensive first look at TNF-alpha biosimilar treatments.