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Tracey Walker
Medicaid MCOs must use caution when reporting data
Failure to report accurate data can result in significant penalties for Medicaid managed care plans.
Non-physician providers play critical role in optimizing care
PwC report finds most primary care teams not designed to optimize care. Here’s how to mobilize non-physicians to create a care dream team.
P4P programs feasible in addiction settings
Alcohol and drug dependency treatment goals can tied to an insurer’s pay-for-performance incentive program. Here’s how.
Insurer: No more prior auths for opioid addiction meds
As part of efforts to combat the opioid epidemic, Cigna removes prior authorization from medication-assisted treatment for opioid use disorder.
Health execs: How I feel about healthcare’s future
We asked executives how they feel about the future of healthcare. Here’s what they said.
Are ACA’s cost-sharing reduction plans effective?
A new Commonwealth Fund study explores cost-sharing reduction plans and marketplace coverage.
PDMPS: An effective but underutilized resource for prescribers
MCOs are going to have to step up their efforts to impact the growing opioid epidemic in this country.
Study: Use of short-acting opioids decrease, long-acting opioids increase
Executives need to increase awareness in the category and ensure prescribers are aware of CDC guidelines for opioid prescribing and the prescription drug monitoring programs.
Nearly half of BCBS members discontinue this RA drug after 1 year
Analysis from Prime shows that improvements in persistency, adherence is key in RA treatments.
Clinton lays out healthcare plan in NEJM; Trump opts out
Understanding both candidates proposals can help executives make informed decisions.