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Tracey Walker
Do retail clinics decrease emergency room visits?
Retail clinics emerge as a way to satisfy the growing demand for healthcare created by the newly insured under the ACA, but contrary to expectations, they do not appear to be leading to meaningful reductions in low-acuity ED visits.
Four ways Medicare Part D has affected costs for diabetic patients
Understand Medicare Part D’s design and its coverage gap to offer the most affordable prescription drug options for patients.
Five things to know: CMS’ plan to up PCP payments by millions
CMS announced changes to how Medicare pays for primary care. Here’s 5 things to consider.
One insurer proves that value-based reimbursement works in practice
Humana’s value-based reimbursement model with physicians has helped to improve care quality and health outcomes for its Medicare Advantage (MA) program members.
Five things physicians don’t know about biosimilars
Awareness of biosimilars is high, but there are some gaps to be filled, according to a Biosimilars Forum study.
Exchange plans are missing out on millions of dollars
A new Express Scripts report highlights risk reporting gaps and offers advice for plans looking to close those gaps to ensure accurate risk payments
How state-mandated formularies impact costs
Research by Express Scripts presented at the AMCP examines costs among Medicaid members in the Florida plan to members in a similar Medicaid plan without a state-mandated formulary.
Better outcomes for CF patients in monitoring program
Study examines the effectiveness of the Walgreens Connected Care CF program compared to a matched sample of control patients.
Republicans face difficult post-election healthcare decisions
ACA repeal/replace was a Congressional Republican cornerstone, so there will be lots of pressure to move quickly. But that may be easier said than done.
Top 10 states with the highest uninsured rates
A new report highlights the highest uninsured rates by state. Is your state among the top 10?