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Jonna Daleiden Eimer
Is partnership still worth it for physicians?
In today’s market, partnerships come with a number of risks and uncertainties, leading physicians to question whether they truly want to be tied to a practice for the long term.
3 key areas to clarify in an employment contract
In most states, non-compete covenants in physician contracts are enforceable if they are reasonable in their scope and duration.
Evaluating the future of hospital acquisitions of private practices
Hospitals continually seek to broaden service lines and increase their market share by adding key private physician groups.
Tips for understanding how doctors are compensated
Tips for understanding how doctors are compensated
Many doctors emerge from their medical training with little knowledge of what and how they are paid. It seems counterintuitive that, after such extensive education, physicians still need to learn about something so fundamental that will affect the rest of their professional lives.
Switching to concierge
Whether to switch to a concierge practice is weighed.