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Brandon Glenn
Should physicians prescribe video games to elderly patients?
A recent study in the journal Nature that showed that playing a relatively simple car-racing video game helped seniors improve their memory, focus and multi-tasking skills is being hailed by some as a gamechanger. But does this mean that physicians should begin instructing elderly patients to play video games?
4 ways Obamacare insurance exchanges could change healthcare
After they're implemented, health insurance exchanges will have the option to adopt policies that could reshape the financing and delivery of healthcare for years to come. Here's how.
3 key elements to moving beyond fee-for-service
An executive with the Commonwealth Fund believes that moving the U.S. healthcare system beyond fee-for-service payments requires three essential elements: the carrot, the stick and the muscle.
New website aims to help medical residents with quality improvement
A recently launched website aims to act as a "central clearinghouse" of content that helps physician residents learn about quality improvement and patient safety issues that are common to teaching hospitals.
The big problem with most social media policies for physicians
Social media guidelines for physicians frequently focus on the need for doctors to separate their personal from their professional identities, but those types of policies get social media all wrong, according to a viewpoint recently published in JAMA.
Why more NPs, PAs may not save us from the primary care shortage
A new policy paper from a research group affiliated with the American Academy of Family Physicians suggests that more NPs and PAs may not be ready to step in for primary care physicians to relieve the shortage. The reason? Just like doctors, NPs and PAs may increasingly be seeking subspecialty careers that come with better pay and less hassle.
Does Sanjay Gupta's support of medical marijuana really signify a turning point in the debate?
CNN medical correspondent Sanjay Gupta, MD's very public transformation into a proponent of medical marijuana has done more than just inspire late-night talk show hosts to joke that his employer should change its name to the "Cannabis News Network."
3 ways primary care education is broken – and how to fix them
When it comes to primary care, the U.S. medical education system isn't getting the job done. The founder of primary care education advocacy group Primary Care Progress shares his ideas on how to change that.
Primary care Medicaid payment boost could be delayed until December in some states
2013 is already halfway over, and primary care physicians in many states have yet to receive increased Medicaid reimbursements that were supposed to take effect on Jan. 1 of this year. Now, it appears that some states won't begin getting those larger Medicaid payments to physicians until December.
Malpractice liability caps don't reduce defensive medicine, study says
The study's findings suggest that, to reduce defensive medicine, it may be more effective to focus on physicians' perceptions of legal risk and the factors driving those perceptions, rather than tort reform. Prior studies have shown physicians "greatly overestimate their risk of being sued," according to the study.