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Department of Labor changes this year are causing many healthcare businesses to reevaluate overtime requirements.
A former private practice physician is poised to become the next secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Here’s what physicians should know about him.
A healthcare consultant with experience redesigning Medicaid programs for Republican governors is likely the next head of CMS. Here’s what doctors should know about her.
In a world in which consumers book travel, shop and attend school all day, any day of the year, consumer demand for easier access to medical care can come as no surprise.
Too many physicians lack the skills to discuss end-of-life wishes with patients. It is awkward for the doctors to even bring up the topic in certain circumstances. Doctors are trained to save peoples’ lives, not to give up on them....
It’s not easy being a doctor in such a transitional period of American healthcare. Practices are pressured with consumer-driven demands from a wider patient-demographic than ever before.
The calendar may say the ICD-10 transition is long gone, but practices still will likely feel its repercussions in 2017 in terms of payer requests, denials and the new code set’s influence on value-based care. Looking to next year,...
Most physicians have incredibly hectic work lives filled with people (the sheer number of patients seen daily), conditions (the vast amount of diagnoses made per week), and stories (the close calls, exciting cases and thrills of...
The election of Donald Trump may mean an era of empowering physicians and is reason for optimism.
Ifa bill introduced in Congress passes into law, paying directly for primary care will be a lot easier to do.

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