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Medical groups need to spend a lot of money to outfit, maintain and manage health information technology in their practices—more than $32,500 per year in for every single full-time doctor in the practice, according to a recent study.
Providers who are still adjusting to the ICD-10 coding transition from five characters to seven have a variety of amenities and advice available to them in the last leg of the grace period.
Industry trade groups and experts are voicing approval of the announcement from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) that it would allow providers to choose the pace at which they comply with the Medicare Access and...
I am a gun owner, raised as a hunter in rural Texas, and proficient with all types of civilian firearms.
The coding change hasn’t put a financial hit on most physicians, but that could change as of October 1.
Many doctors have a difficult time with marijuana as medication, and consider doctors who prescribe it as second-class citizens.
The number of physician practices owned by hospitals has increased 86% over the past 4 years, which also resulted in a 50% rise in the number of physicians employed by hospitals, according to a recent study.
While the presidential campaign dominates the news, some doctors view the political process through a unique lens because they, too, are elected officials.
The Hippocratic Oath directs physicians to act in a manner that advances patient well-being. Yet CMS, by offering financial reward for clinical behavior dictated by other considerations, has created a practice environment at odds with...
When it comes to investing in IT and data security, the healthcare field has been known to lag behind other business sectors. That underspending, coupled with the massive shift from paper to digital records in recent years, has put...

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