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How should we be addressing the broader issue of population health?
Do you know what treatments your patients would want if they became seriously or even terminally ill?
Let us all remember when the pen hits the prescription pad to write for an opioid that heroin is an opioid, too.
Here’s what physicians from across the country had to say about the president’s latest moves.
With more healthcare costs being shifted to consumers, they are expecting more from their providers.
Starting out with clear priorities will help simplify process of finding the right plan, experts advise
The Ohio Supreme Court recently ruled that an apology by a medical provider that includes an admission of liability cannot be admitted as evidence in a civil lawsuit against the provider.
Studies show that most women physicians—52% in one study and 75% in another—have been sexually harassed at some point in their career by patients.
Price transparency is the current and growing buzzword in healthcare.
It’s about time—time to recognize that primary care physicians (PCPs) need more time with their patients.

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