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A new study has found that there was significant job growth for physicians in 2017 by analyzing 20 of the largest metropolitan areas in the United States.
. EHRs were intended to be a way to better track health data for hospitals, payers and physicians. Although they have good intentions, they often end up causing more problems than they solve.
American ingenuity in healthcare over the last two decades has caused a number of problems in dire need of solutions.
Our medical care system works poorly for most chronic medical illnesses and it costs far too much.
Primary care physicians (PCP) see patients for a wide variety of reasons, but according to a recent study, there’s one category that stands out above the rest—behavioral health.
The opioid epidemic is exacting a lethal toll on the country. We must redouble and accelerate efforts to slow—and hopefully reverse—the current opioid epidemic.
There has been much discord as to the proper role of government in healthcare.
Price transparency and sales funnels—what do these have in common?
Why do doctors feel they need to stay on the job when ill?

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