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Regardless of how well physicians or their coders understand the new coding system, practices will not fare well on reimbursement unless their providers can document encounters in sufficient detail to support the new codes.
How to weigh the risk and the benefits to your practice of these care delivery and payment models
Despite the reimbursement challenges primary care physicians will continue to face in 2015, new initiatives will provide primary care physicians with opportunities to grow and better manage patient health.
Beginning January 1, 2015, medical practices can, for the first time, bill Medicare for the non face-to-face time spent managing care for patients with multiple chronic diseases. But doing so may prove challenging for many practices,...
It’s possible to maintain a viable, even thriving practice if physicians confront challenges and identify fixes that can improve their lives and the health of their patients.
Opportunities and strategies for billing non-face-to-face encounters
Watching parents who are physicians practice medicine often has a profound impact on a child’s decision to purse the same career.
As the numbers of nurse practitioners and physician assistants surge, primary care physicians can improve patient care and increase revenue by bringing them into the fold.
Who owns patient data in an electronic health record? The traditional concept of ownership is unraveling as patient data migrates from paper charts to the cloud.

New initiative will give patients ...

Five primary care facilities will test a new initiative that will allow patients to view and add to their physicians’ ...

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ICD-10: What you need to know

Pediatricians must learn the nuances of new ICD-10 coding and prepare for the transition now! Dr Schuman presents the ...

Asthma: Key coding considerations
HBO’s John Oliver takes on big pharma
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Asthma: Key coding considerations

You need to be specific in your ICD-9 coding for asthma because there are several codes available.

Treating asthma: Patient management tips
The revenue cycle decision
You've been sued for ...

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