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A breach or poor audit result can undo years of a physician’s hard work
Some physicians are fed up with MOC and ready to flee, but repercussions remain uncertain.
In the process of buying or selling a practice, emotional issues can sometimes overwhelm financial ones. Fear of losing autonomy or worry over inevitable culture clashes often crowd out basic financial considerations, but it’s crucial...
Candidates are ignoring issues important to physicians.
Get paid what you are owed.
Read about the ten challenges Medical Economics believes will be important to physicians in the upcoming year.
Patient medical records are undergoing a seismic shift. But this shift is happening quickly, in many ways too quickly for either physicians or the laws and regulations pertaining to medical records to keep up.
The millennials have arrived, and they are shaking up the workplace—including the practice of medicine.
Doctors need a financial playbook that responds to their distinct careers. Keeping the cashflow to your practice flexible is important when starting out, but don't forget to plan for retirement.

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