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For Eve Shapiro, MD, MPH, being a delegate at this year’s Democratic National Convention is just the latest expression of her dedication to progressive causes.
On the night she became the official Democratic candidate for president, Hillary Clinton’s healthcare experience came to the forefront.
While Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign is over, what he started must continue in the spirit of democracy.
To gain the respect and trust of Bernie Sanders voters, Hillary Clinton must utilize some of her “change maker” skills we heard about Tuesday night.
Rebecca Mueller wants to remind her fellow Democrats that there’s a true need for affordable healthcare in rural communities.
Being sick is enough. Economic fears hurt our patients and us. It has been hard to hear many such stories over the years.
The controversy at the start of the Democratic National Convention highlights the importance of ethics and transparency, something physicians understand well.
Perhaps as befits someone representing Las Vegas, Tom Grotz, MD, owed his attendance at the 2016 Republican National Convention to a deck of cards.
Despite calls to replace and repeal Obamacare, issues affecting physicians have received little attention in Cleveland.
As a long-standing member of the Democratic Party, I have a confession to make. I am voting for Donald Trump. The journey from a man like Obama to a man like Trump was surprisingly short, forged as I started a small independent...

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