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It has been a rough start to 2017 when it comes to politics and healthcare. While no formal studies have been completed, many physicians say political talk with patients is increasing.
We, the people, must have an open debate and come to resolution on healthcare: Is it a right or a privilege?
In the last few years, drug overdoses led by opioids have become the leading cause of accidental deaths, eclipsing that of automobile crashes and violence.
Over the past 5 years, there has been a major shift in physician practice models, with fewer doctors working in the small, physician-run practices that were considered standard in years past.
The same MRI machines that reveal the inner workings of the human body can also expose healthcare professionals to lethal attacks by hackers who use medical devices to infect computer systems with ransomware.
Contentiousness. Rage. Hate. Political talk often becomes anything but a civil conversation, and these days, patients are bringing their politics with them into exam rooms.
Providing healthcare pricing is important, but listing them in the form of a static menu is not helpful.
Although some patients are already harnessing the capabilities of new and emerging technologies enabled by high-speed internet, others are missing out.
Precision Medicine in Primary Care: Now And In the Future
While all of us recognize the advantages of an electronic record in the respect of data retrieval, the risk has become greater because many practices do not secure their network.

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